Reactive Science News

UPDATE: 2016 - I am still writing lots about chemistry and science in general for magazines and websites, but RR is on hiatus for the time being as I am spending more of my spare time working on other creative output in the form of my photography and music. You can also pick up most of science news and views on Facebook (more than 11,000 followers), Twitter (almost 50000 followers) and, of course, the Sciencebase site itself.

Reactive Reports was one of the first chemistry news web sites (alongside my own Elemental Discoveries, which became part of in 1999). It was launched by freelance science journalist David Bradley and ACD/Labs' Tony Williams and had a complete makeover in 2009 after 75 issues at which point Bradley began hosting and running the site independently. You can still scour the archives for chemistry news dating from 1999 to 2009 and beyond.