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September 2001

Star Picks

   Treasure Troves of Science
Treasure Troves of Science 

Treasure Troves of Science Eric Weisstein has put together an interesting site, with hundreds of individual entries in subjects from astronomy and chemistry to the life sciences, math and physics. Essentially a succinct A-Z on each subject area, chemistry takes us from "acetic acid" (simply stated as ethanoic acid, and disappointingly no more an expansive entry under ethanoic) to an equally terse description of "zircon". In between, there are plenty slightly more descriptive and diagrammatic entries, however. With the Random Entry, button there is no telling what you might find!



BioSpace  (http://www.biospace.com/)    

BioSpace is a specialized provider of Internet products and information services for life scientists. This is the company's showcase website and is one of the most comprehensive life sciences info services around, attracting something like 800,000 unique visitors a month. Stock quotes, broker's information and industry news for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals can all be found here and there is the opportunity to consult with an expert of which there is a searchable database. In-depth and invaluable.


PDB to MultiGif (http://www.dkfz-heidelberg.de/spec/pdb2mgif/)    

   PDB to MultiGif
Fancy sprucing up your personal or departmental web page with a spinning molecule, but don't want visitors to have to download yet another plug in to view it? Then, Heidelberg's tool might be just the thing. Enter your molecular coordinates, tweak the settings and post the data. The results, which are notified to you by e-mail, can be superb, assuming you pick the right coordinates and format. The site demonstrates very well what can be possible using the web as a computational medium for chemists. Indeed, we animated the PXR molecule in the RR news story "Drugs clearing becomes crystal clear" to show you just how neat it is.