Benzene smiley

benzene smileyA Japanese chemist who goes by the name Tak and just followed me on twitter describes himself as a “loving nanocarbons, supramolecules, main group elements, photoreactions, and photoproperties” has the best Twitter icon yet (even if it doesn’t fall within my strict criteria for what counts as a good avatar). Obviously it’s a benzene smiley.

I don’t know if it’s an original, but it’s clever, especially given the obvious personal Poke’man stereotyping and the simplicity. I think the Chemical Society of Japan should adopt it as its new logo. I did find someone else using a similar picture on a Qi discussion board.

Oh, by the way, Tak is Professor Dr Yutaka Takaguchi of the University of Okayama.

Anyone else seen smiley benzene around?

Author: David Bradley

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