Deceived Wisdom

Deceived Wisdom Full CoverBritish science journalist and owner of the Reactive Reports chemistry site, David Bradley, has published his first popular science book – Deceived Wisdom with UK publisher Elliott & Thompson. The book is available in hardback (UK) and electronic editions (RoW). You can order a copy now with free shipping and 48h dispatch for delivery almost anywhere in the world from Book Depository, use this link for 30% discount.

The book has had several 5-star reviews on amazon and elsewhere: TV personality Francis Wheen described Deceived Wisdom as his “dream book”, chemistry prof John Emsley says its “well written and engrossing,” while thriller writer KD George says, “it’ll be a great stocking filler. It’s science, it’s information, but it’s fun!”

Another amazon reviewer, “Eye Book”, had this to say: “David Bradley, a top science writer based in the UK puts a plethora of common misconceptions under his microscope and shows you why the stuff that you thought was right is really rubbish. Written with a light and humorous touch, reading `Deceived Wisdom’ will enable you to shoot down dinner-party bores, win endless quiz shows when Stephen Fry invites you to star in `QI’ and generally educate yourself beyond the misinformation doled out in primary and secondary schools (and probably quite a few universities.)”

Author: David Bradley

Post by David Bradley Science Writer. You can get in touch with David via email or check out his CV on the site.