Interview with Egon Willighagen

Check out my interview with chemical blogger Egon Willighagen, one of the new breed of chemists who are using the information tools of our age—the blogs, wikis, and online social media—to further their chemistry and benefit the wider chemical community.

By day, Willighagen is a postdoc at the Wageningen University & Research Center in the Netherlands. He participates in, amongst many other activities, Bioclipse, CDK, and Jmol as well as running the blog. He also established the Chemical blogspace site, which collects data from dozens of scientific chemistry blogs and then does useful and interesting things with them.

Read the full interview in Reactive Profiles

Author: spinneret

This post originally appeared in full in David Bradley’s hosted Spinneret blog (geddit?). Hopefully, any molecular structures and links are hooking up to the Chemspider database correctly, please let us know if you have problems with mol files, InChI code etc

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