Seventy five in ten years

After ten years and seventy five issues, it’s time for a change at Reactive Reports. The archives are now hosted by David Bradley who thanks ACD/Labs, for a decade of support. With special thanks to Tony Williams for initially taking on my idea of a chemistry webzine at a time when such entities were rare. Also thanks to (in no particular order) Slava, Sherry, Daria, Tara, Darryl, Rodito, Catherine, Sheila, the rest of the ACD/Labs team, and of course, the Reactive Profilees, and all those about whose work I have written over the years and who assisted with the preparation of draft texts and provided countless behind the scenes insights into their research.

Author: David Bradley

Post by David Bradley Science Writer. You can get in touch with David via email or check out his CV on the site.