Pumping bacterial toxins

In a previous issue, we discussed early work on Escherichia coli as a proof of principle for understanding how bacterial resistance to antibiotics can emerge. Now, Edward Yu’s team at Iowa State University have taken another step forward in our understanding of this pressing issue by using crystallography to reveal the structure of a protein […]

Drug ‘shield’ helps target antibiotic resistant bacteria

Drug ‘shield’ helps target antibiotic resistant bacteria – A new technique which targets antibiotic-resistant bacteria and shields patients from the toxic parts of an antibiotic drug has been developed by Cardiff University scientists. Chemist and writer Robert Slinn gives us his Slinn Pickings from the world of chemistry.

Unnatural chemicals

‘Unnatural’ chemical allows Salk researchers to watch protein action in brain cells – Researchers at the Salk Institute have been able to genetically incorporate "unnatural" amino acids, such as those emitting green fluorescence, into neural stem cells, which then differentiate into brain neurons with the incandescent "tag" intact. Loudspeakers in your window – Korean scientists […]

This week’s chemistry news – Slinn Pickings

An NMR machine in a fume hood – Scientists in Germany have demonstrated a portable nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer that's small enough to be placed in a fume cupboard to monitor the progress of a reaction in situ. Scientists a step closer to understanding ‘natural antifreeze’ molecules – Scientists have made an important step […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

New class of compounds offers great potential for research and drug development – Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have identified a class of compounds that could be a boon to basic research and drug discovery. GC–MS Results from Mars: Reevaluated 35 Years Later – A recent reinterpretation of the gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) results […]