Antioxidant backlash redux

According to Henry Scowcroft of Cancer Research UK writing in The Guardian: “Large studies have repeatedly shown that, with the possible exception of vitamin D, antioxidant supplements have negligible positive effect on healthy people, at least in terms of important things such as preventing people getting cancer or dying prematurely. And some supplements – notably […]

Chemistry news as a ten pack: Slinn Pickings

U of Alberta researcher discovers potential cancer therapy target – One of the most important genes in the human genome is called p53 and its function is to suppress tumours, according to Roger Leng, a researcher in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Leng has discovered the mechanism by which p53 is inactivated in cancerous […]

Slinn Pickings: nanoparticles

NIST technique controls sizes of nanoparticle clusters for EHS studies – NIST researchers have demonstrated for the first time a method for producing nanoparticle clusters in a variety of controlled sizes that are stable over time. The technique can be used in studies on the environmental, health and safety impacts of nanoparticle clusters. Roasting coffee […]

Antioxidant backlash

UPDATE: Jan 2011 Apparently, this post was quoted in Newsweek and caused a bit of a shit-storm among the alternative medicine quacks who went on to quote me totally out of context revealing that they themselves hadn’t read this post at all and not got the point. Aside from the fact that it was only […]