Does ChemDoodle do?

  iChemLabs has announced ChemDoodle 4 It looks interesting but I wanted iChemLabs’ Kevin Theisen to tell me about ChemDoodle’s unique selling point. Apparently, it has at least 6! 1. ChemDoodle is, he tells me, the only chemical drawing brand across desktop, web and mobile. 2. ChemDoodle is fully supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

Electron confounds predictions and remains stubbornly spherical – UK scientists have made the most accurate measurements to date of the shape of the electron and found – contrary to predictions that it would be aspherical – that it remains round. How to Enable Exact Structure Search and Substructure Search on Your Website – This article […]

Slinn Pickings – Chemistry News – Issue 50

Cardiff study suggests targeted treatment for leukaemia group – Antibody-directed chemotherapy offers improved survival to particular sub-groups of leukaemia sufferers, a Cardiff University-led study has found. The findings suggest that the treatment may be effective for the majority of younger acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) sufferers, who can be identified by genetic profiling. Nano-sized vaccines – […]

Atomic hydrogen for sale

An intriguing twitter post from Imants Zudans tells us: “Apparently 2 companies are selling atomic hydrogen. I wonder what is the packaging and how it is shipped.” Zudans provides a link to his MolPort site where you can see for yourself that on the entry for atomic hydrogen (the proton, in other words), Apollo Scientific […]

Reactive Chemistry Interviews

Issue #73 Egon Willighagen Egon Willighagen is one of the new breed of chemists who are using the information tools of our age—the blogs, wikis, and online social media—to further their chemistry and benefit the wider chemical community.More… #71 Andrew Sun Weixiang “Andrew” Sun is a graduate student in the College of Material Science & […]