Pi-stacking better without the aromatics?

Pi-stacking better without the aromatics? – Scientists in the US have discovered that electrons confined to their double bonds can sometimes deliver stronger pi-stacking interactions than those roaming free in aromatic systems. The discovery could have a big impact on the design of receptors and supramolecular assemblies that rely on delocalised systems, they say. Chemist […]

This week’s chemistry news – Slinn Pickings

Skin cream slows down snake venom – DEADLY snake-bite venom could be slowed on its way into the blood by a cream applied to the bite site, giving victims time to seek help. Liquid cement turns liquid metal – Concrete is heavy, tough and – you might think – a reliable insulator. But researchers in […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

New class of compounds offers great potential for research and drug development – Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have identified a class of compounds that could be a boon to basic research and drug discovery. GC–MS Results from Mars: Reevaluated 35 Years Later – A recent reinterpretation of the gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) results […]

10 chemical hits: Slinn Pickings

Venom of marine snails provide new drugs – Baldomero Olivera studies chemical compounds found in the venoms of marine cone snails, a potential source of powerful, yet safe and effective drugs. He will discuss the development of Prialt – an FDA-approved drug for intractable, chronic pain – and the potential for new drugs. Oxygen levels […]

Chemistry news as a ten pack: Slinn Pickings

U of Alberta researcher discovers potential cancer therapy target – One of the most important genes in the human genome is called p53 and its function is to suppress tumours, according to Roger Leng, a researcher in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Leng has discovered the mechanism by which p53 is inactivated in cancerous […]

Molecular news

Tuning graphene film so it sheds water – Windshields that shed water so effectively that they don't need wipers. Ship hulls so slippery that they glide through the water more efficiently than ordinary hulls.<br /> These are some of the potential applications for graphene, one of the hottest new materials in the field of nanotechnology, […]