Sunday Slinn Pickings

Stanford researchers develop new technology for cheaper, more efficient solar cells – Applying an organic layer less than a nanometer thick improves the efficiency of certain solar cells three-fold. The technology could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar panels. Manipulating Molecules for a New Breed of Electronics – In research appearing in today’s issue of […]

Chemistry news from Slinn Pickings

Filtered chemistry news from Robert Slinn for Reactive Reports. Luminescence gives 2D pH images – Researchers in Germany have devised a safe method to image the pH of tissue in the human body. The method, which involves measuring the luminescence of injected dyes, could help physicians monitor wound healing and tumour growth. ‘Green’ chemistry extraction […]

Nature’s Chemistry

Eight chemists share their vision of chemistry in the inaugural issue of Nature Chemistry is published today. Nobel Laureate Ryoji Noyori considers how chemical synthesis should develop so that chemists might tackle global problems. Harry Gray outlines plans for making solar power viable, while Jim Clark discusses the green chemistry revolution. Barbara Imperiali highlights how […]

Greener Ionic Liquids

A greener-still class of room temperature ionic liquids to replace toxic and flammable organic solvents has been devised by German chemists. As has been reported previously many times, ionic liquids could make very useful replacements for volatile organic compounds because of their negligible vapour pressure and other factors, such as lack of flammability. However, most […]