Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

Device proves solar cell potential of high bandgap inorganic nanowire arrays – A report, published in the March 14 edition of the Journal of Materials Chemistry, announced the successful fabrication and testing of a new type solar cell using an inorganic core/shell nanowire structure. Diabetes drug could treat breast cancer, say scientists – A drug […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

The ‘molecular octopus’: A little brother of ‘Schroedinger’s cat’ – For the first time, the quantum behaviour of molecules consisting of more than 400 atoms was demonstrated by quantum physicists based at the University of Vienna in collaboration with chemists from Basel and Delaware. Neutral atoms made to act like electrically charged particles – Completing […]

Yet more chemistry news

New method takes snapshots of proteins as they fold – Scientists have invented a way to ‘watch’ proteins fold — in less than thousandths of a second — into the elaborate twisted shapes that determine their function. LED products billed as eco-friendly contain toxic metals, study finds – Those light-emitting diodes marketed as safe, environmentally […]

Top ten chemical picks: Slinn Pickings

Math may help calculate way to find new drugs for diseases – Using mathematical concepts, Princeton researchers have developed a method of discovering new drugs for a range of diseases by calculating which physical properties of biological molecules may predict their effectiveness as medicines. A Second Pathway for Antidepressants – Berkeley Lab researchers developed a […]

Chemical structure identification

Can you identify these three chemical structures? More chemistry humor at Erik’s site and a quickie for spectroscopists from Inorganic Ventures, this is the best of some truly awful jokes. Q: Why can’t lawyers do NMR? A: Bar magnets have poor homogeneity.

Chemical favorites for October 15th through October 16th

These are my reactive chemistry links for October 15th through October 16th: Evergreen anticancer drug – Yet another natural product for treating a form of cancer has been uprooted from an evergreen tree. Milky stats – A statistical model based on chemical spectra can reveal the fat content and profile of milk samples quickly and […]