One-pot synthesis creates anticancer candidates

One-pot synthesis creates anticancer candidates – Researchers in Germany have developed a simple, rapid and high-yielding cascade synthesis of a collection of polycyclic compounds that resemble indole alkaloid natural products and which interfere with cell division. The compounds could be promising new anticancer drug candidates.

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

Rutgers Offers Hope in New Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries – Scientists at the W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University and Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have developed a chemically synthesized siRNA molecule that allows regeneration of nerve cells. Sweet chemistry: Carbohydrate adhesion gives stainless steel implants beneficial new functions – A new chemical […]

10 chemical picks

Researcher lists more than 4,000 components of blood chemistry – After three years of exhaustive analysis led by a University of Alberta researcher, the list of known compounds in human blood has exploded from just a handful to more than 4,000. Bone drug zoledronic acid may help prevent spread of early lung cancer – A […]

10 chemical hits: Slinn Pickings

The lock shapes the key – Proteins normally recognize each other by their specific 3-D structure. If the key fits in the lock, a reaction can take place. However there are reactions at the onset of which the key does not really have a shape. Chemists at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen and the Max Planck […]

Slinn pickings – molecules and more

Chemist Robert Slinn and Reactive Reports webmaster David Bradley contribute their favorite news snippets from the world of chemistry About dopamine and brain chemistry – YouTube – Aspirin – Periodic Table of Videos – The handedness of DNA – DNA is handed. Henry Rzepa reflects on this fact. Alchemist chemistry news – This week The […]

Chemical favorites for October 15th through October 16th

These are my reactive chemistry links for October 15th through October 16th: Evergreen anticancer drug – Yet another natural product for treating a form of cancer has been uprooted from an evergreen tree. Milky stats – A statistical model based on chemical spectra can reveal the fat content and profile of milk samples quickly and […]