Down to earth with nanotechnology

Emilie Bigorgne of the Université Paul Verlaine – Metz and colleagues suggest that the increasing production of nanomaterials will in turn increase the release of nanosized by-products to the environment. Whether or not these particles will accumulate or be degraded and whether or not they pose an ecological risk depends on the chemical and physical […]

Slinn Pickings: latest chemical news

Cells as test tubes – Chemists have used living cells as test tubes to carry out chemical reactions never before seen within living cells Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains – Scientists at Oxford University have successfully tested a universal flu vaccine that could work against all known strains of the illness, […]

Slinn Pickings – chemical happenings

What’s happening in the world of chemistry, Robert Slinn filters the latest news for Reactive Reports. Voiding defects: New technique makes LED lighting more efficient – Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are an increasingly popular technology for use in energy-efficient lighting. Researchers from North Carolina State University have now developed a new technique that reduces defects in […]

Latest chemistry news – Slinn Pickings

Guest contributor, chemist Robert Slinn of the University of Liverpool, filters the latest happenings from the world of chemistry. The Salt in the Soup of Evolution – Microbiologists at the Institute of Biology II of the University of Freiburg have discovered a previously unknown central metabolic pathway in microorganisms. The life forms use this pathway […]

Slinn Pickings – more chem news from Robert

Renowned chemist Robert Slinn distils the latest from the world of chemistry ‘A stark warning:’ Smoking causes genetic damage within minutes after inhaling – In research described as "a stark warning" to those tempted to start smoking, scientists are reporting that cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within minutes — not years — after […]

Slinn Pickings – news from the world of chemistry

Guest blogger and chemist Robert Slinn contributes his favorite news snippets from the world of chemistry Einstein in your engine – Cars start thanks to Einstein's principle of relativity. That's the peculiar conclusion of new calculations by Rajeev Ahuja of Uppsala University in Sweden and his coworkers, who have looked at how relativistic effects on […]