Antioxidant backlash redux

According to Henry Scowcroft of Cancer Research UK writing in The Guardian: “Large studies have repeatedly shown that, with the possible exception of vitamin D, antioxidant supplements have negligible positive effect on healthy people, at least in terms of important things such as preventing people getting cancer or dying prematurely. And some supplements – notably […]

Deceived Wisdom

British science journalist and owner of the Reactive Reports chemistry site, David Bradley, has published his first popular science book – Deceived Wisdom with UK publisher Elliott & Thompson. The book is available in hardback (UK) and electronic editions (RoW). You can order a copy now with free shipping and 48h dispatch for delivery almost […]

Helical light

Researchers have known for some time of monochromatic light beams, such as Laguerre-Gauss beams, which carry orbital angular momentum also have a helical phase profile. According to Ole Steuernagel of the University of Hertfordshires Science and Technology Research Institute, UK, have helical wave fronts and can be made visible using interferometry. Such dark helices can […]

Algae burn for you

Finding sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels that would both solve the problem of dwindling supplies of oil and cut the net carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles running on hydrocarbon fuels is a cause high on the environmental agenda. The use of biomass as a source for fuels compounds has benefits, but the setting aside of […]

The TNA world that came before the RNA one

The TNA world that came before the RNA one – The question of how non-living chemicals emerged from the so-called primordial soup to give rise to life on Earth is one of the most intriguing in science. Finding an answer might not only help explain our origins but could give us important clues as to […]