Lead paint still on sale in Africa

Paint containing dangerous amounts of lead is on sale in Cameroon, a study has found. Moreover, the subsidiaries of large multinational companies were among those found to be selling this paint. via Lead paint still on sale in Africa | Chemistry World.

One-pot synthesis creates anticancer candidates

One-pot synthesis creates anticancer candidates – Researchers in Germany have developed a simple, rapid and high-yielding cascade synthesis of a collection of polycyclic compounds that resemble indole alkaloid natural products and which interfere with cell division. The compounds could be promising new anticancer drug candidates.

The TNA world that came before the RNA one

The TNA world that came before the RNA one – The question of how non-living chemicals emerged from the so-called primordial soup to give rise to life on Earth is one of the most intriguing in science. Finding an answer might not only help explain our origins but could give us important clues as to […]

Forget hyperneutrinos, we’re on pseudo-atoms now

When chemists think of the neutral radical ammonium, few think of it as behaving like an alkali metal. However, in many ways, particularly its electronegativity, which can be transferred from compound to compound, it acts like a pseudo-atom akin to sodium, according to computations by a team from the UK and the US. My full […]

Boost your battery with seaweed

An extract from brown algae – seaweed – could give rechargeable lithium-ion batteries a boost by allowing silicon nanopowder to be used as a high-capacity alternative to graphite electrodes. The potential improvement is almost an order of magnitude boost, the researchers say. Seaweed extract gives lithium batteries a boost.

Chemical spider

A chemical spider that spins a polymer thread using a simple catalyst could drive a nanomotor, according to researchers at Pennsylvania State University, US. Ayusman Sen and colleagues say that these nanomotors have potential applications in the deposition of polymers within the channels of microdevices for instance. More Spiders, Grubb’s and polymer-powered nanomotors.