Microscopic paper chase

Microscopic paper chase – While countless laboratories around the world are looking to novel composites and sophisticated materials, at least one research team hopes to develop technology based on more seemingly mundane and readily available materials, such as paper. Now, the Whitesides group at Harvard University has developed a force sensor for a microelectromechanical system […]

Slinn Pickings – chemistry news

Scientists develop a fatty ‘kryptonite’ to defeat multidrug-resistant ‘Super bugs’ – A team of Canadian scientists have discovered that specific mixtures of antimicrobial agents presented in lipid (fatty) mixtures can significantly boost the effectiveness of those agents to kill the resistant bacteria. Schoolchildren to test local water quality in biggest-ever chemistry experiment – A worldwide […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

Iowa State engineer scales up process that could improve economics of ethanol production – Iowa State's Hans van Leeuwen and a team of researchers have built a pilot plant to test a process designed to improve ethanol production. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance With No Magnets – Two groups, at Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, have shown […]

Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

Starting a new metabolic path: Researchers develop technique to help metabolic engineering – Efforts to engineer new metabolic pathways into microbes for the inexpensive production of valuable chemical products, such as biofuels or therapeutic drugs, should get a significant boost in a new development from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). […]

Latest chemistry news

Novel nanosensor platform for direct detection of a cancer biomarker in blood – In a recent development, scientists in Spain have developed a rapid nanochannel-based immunoassay capable of the filtering and subsequent detection of proteins in whole blood without any sample preparation. This is the first time that a simple assay to detect proteins in […]

A chemical decathlon

Fish oil fights weight loss due to chemotherapy – A new analysis has found that supplementing the diet with fish oil may prevent muscle and weight loss that commonly occurs in cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. Published early online in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study indicates that fish oil […]